Re: Minimal CF Install for Demos

Benjamin Gandon <benjamin@...>

I have what you need (on GCP), and more because it is a CF distribution. (You'll find out soon that demoing CF is not just about CF.) 

I've been working on this for almost one year. For the obvious reason that here in France, nobody knows about CF and we desperately needed tools to help in making demos of OSS CF.

It fits in 1 VM only.

So go deploy the GCP flavor of Easy Foundry, as deployed with the Gstack Bosh Environment. There:

Easy Foundry aims at becoming the very first 100% OSS distribution of Cloud Foundry based on BOSH.

And Gstack BOSH Environment (GBE) is an automation framework leveraging (and heavily based on) BOSH 2.0 features.

The global UX with GBE tries to keep it simple:
    $ gbe up # for creating the infrastructure
    $ gbe converge < all | cf > # for converging all deployments towards their expected state (or CF only)

But there are stil some preliminary setup steps, first. The GCP setup procedure should definitely work, because it has been my main test case for a long time. Otherwise don't hesitate to give me feedback and ask for support. You'll get it working, I swear!

For everyone reading this post, please note that EF and GBE are still Work In Progress. There are many improvements to make before we reach a Gold release, or start incubation as a CF extension. We welcome feedback and pull requests!

/Benjamin GANDON (depuis mon iPhone)
CEO at Gstack (follow us on @_Gstack!)

Le 23 avr. 2018 à 23:58, Matt Curry <matt.curry@...> a écrit :

Does anyone have a guilde for a minimal CF install on AWS or GCP for demo purproses?


In other words, the cheapest and smallest possible working install.


I think that this is the point of CFDev, but I need to be able to run 2 installs side by side, and also need to be able to deploy it to a cloud provider so that it is public facing.




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