Proposal: Pluggable scheduling with Kubernetes implementation for Cloud Foundry ("Project Eirini")

Julz Friedman

Hi cf-dev!

After quite a successful presentation of our CF and K8s integration work at cf summit, we are now excited to get started on it “for real”!

There’s a long proposal document linked below [0] which spends a lot of time (for obvious reasons!) on motivation, goals and mitigations (with many many thanks in particular to Eric Malm, Shannon Coen, Dieu Cao, and Zack Robinson for feedback so far which has improved it immensely), but the tl;dr is we’re proposing an incubation project to add the ability (alongside Diego) to use Kubernetes as a scheduler, for those folks who already have Kubernetes available (e.g. via CFCR) and who want to gain operational efficiencies by only managing one scheduler.

Since it turns out that our previous name, “Cube”, is a little difficult to discern from “Kube” when said out loud (who knew?), we’re also renaming the project to “Eirini”, which is greek for “Peace” and comes from the same root as the greek word for “Connection” - seems quite appropriate! Additionally, for 80s music fans, this means when it goes wrong you will be able to shout “Come on Eirini” at the computer.

We intend to propose the project for incubation in the runtime-pmc meeting on May 1st, so we’re very happy indeed to receive feedback both here and on the document!

Looking forward to all your feedback, 
Simon & Dr.Julz

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