Measuring cf push times end-to-end

Steffen Uhlig

As part of developing and improving the bits-service, we would like to better understand what the overall app push times are that developers experience.
However, "cf push" is a concept only known to the CLI. The CC and other CF components are not aware of various requests that make up a single "cf push" (e.g. resource matching, building a package, droplet). As a result, we have not been able to identify a straightforward way to measure push times from a developer's perspective.
One potential approach is to determine push time at the client side and then (after cf push has completed) have the CLI submit this data to a new endpoint in CF.
What do people think about this? Are there better ways to get these numbers? If not, would the community be open for a new "telemetry" endpoint that accepts these measurements from the cli and/or other cf components?

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