Re: release tagging ... to v or not to v

Julz Friedman

+1 to Eric's view also. I like being able to (sort of) filter version tags.


On Thu, 1 Mar 2018 at 15:55 Marco Voelz <marco.voelz@...> wrote:

We also tag out bosh-openstack-cpi and bosh with a 'v' prefix. Here's what the github "draft a new release page" has to say about this

> Tagging suggestions

> It’s common practice to prefix your version names with the letter v. Some good tag names might be v1.0 or v2.3.4.

> If the tag isn’t meant for production use, add a pre-release version after the version name. Some good pre-release  versions might be v0.2-alpha or v5.9-beta.3.


I agree with Eric's view that this helps to distinguish git tags which are meant to be final releases from the ones that are just "tags that mean something else".


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The v prefix works nicely with concourse git-resource tag_filter. 

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