Re: How to access the records of next page in UAA ? #cf

Siva <mailsiva@...>

You can try /Groups?count=100&startIndex=101 to get the next 100. If you want more than 100 in 1 page, you can specify /Groups?count=400&startIndex=1

On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 11:07 PM, shilpa kulkarni <shilpakulkarni91@...> wrote:

I am using cloud foundry UAA APIs. I am referring the UAA APIs related to groups. Here I have records more than 100 in  [my uaa database ]"groups" table. When I execute the list groups API, I am getting only first 100 records as the limit of itemsPerPage is 100. How to get the next records [records which are in the next page]?

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