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Is it too late to change the name?  I suspect that folks might not instantly understand that cf-dev and CF Dev are two entirely different things. 

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Subject: [cf-dev] Proposal for Incubation in the Extensions PMC: CF Dev

Hi All,

Pivotal is proposing CF Dev for inclusion in the Extensions PMC as a new incubating project.

CF Dev is a deployment of BOSH and cf-deployment that runs locally in Garden containers. It uses native hypervisors to start quickly with zero external dependencies. It also provides a fully functional BOSH director.

CF Dev is currently available on Github [1].

I would also like to introduce everyone to Scott Sisil, who is joining me as Co-PM on Pivotal's local and community developer initiatives. Please reach out to Scott and/or myself for questions about CF Dev.


Project Name: CF Dev

Project Proposal: See [2], and attached.

Proposed Project Leads: Stephen Levine, Pivotal & Scott Sisil Pivotal

Proposed Contributors: Emily Casey, Pivotal; Dave Protasowski, Pivotal; Stephen Hiehn, Pivotal

Proposed Scope: See [2], and attached.

Development Operating Model: Pairing (local + remote)

Technical Approach: CF CLI plugin that starts a VM using the OS native hypervisor.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.



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