Announcing cf-release end of life

David Sabeti

Hi cf-dev,

I'm happy to announce the end of support for cf-release. A few weeks ago, we cut cf-release v287 -- the final version of cf-release. Last week, the Release Integration team shut down the last pipelines pertaining to cf-release and moved the repo to the Cloud Foundry attic.

Some fun facts about cf-release:
  • The first commit was made April 4, 2012. At that time, SOPA has just caused some of the largest internet protests in history and Instagram finally¬†released an app for Android.
  • cf-release has had 317 contributors. The top two committers? "cf-buildpacks-eng" (a bot) and "capi-bot" (also, obviously, a bot). We're officially in a world where even software engineering jobs are being automated away. The top human¬†committer is none other than CAPI's Zach Robinson.
  • This single bosh release has been replaced with 23 releases used by cf-deployment.
Any operators still using cf-release should move to cf-deployment as the basis for their deployment manifest. We'll test the transition from cf-release to cf-deployment for another week or two.

Thanks to all the teams and community members that worked on splitting out their code into new releases, built pipelines with cf-deployment when it was still prickly and new, and gave us feedback on the new tooling.

Lastly, feel free to reach out to the Release Integration team in the #release-integration Slack channel, or open a Github issue on the cf-deployment repo.

David Sabeti & CF Release Integration

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