Re: Looking for users with user cases for HTTP/2

Carlo Alberto Ferraris

pushing users to RPC alternatives that can run on top of HTTP/1.1 or websockets is our current course of action.

Not all users are happy with the limitation though. Some have existing apps exposing gRPC endpoints, and they have therefore a hard requirement on this, but they are a minority. Others would prefer to have the option to make use of H2 features in the future (push support was mentioned in a few cases).

Obviously, all of these use cases can be addressed in other ways (e.g. by not using gRPC but Twirp, or by using Websockets to implement push) but in addition to user requirements, there's also the users' perception of CF having (at least so far) an "unjustifiedly unclear position" on whether HTTP/2 is going to be supported (I'm using the term "unjustifiedly" because of the wide availability of HTTP/2 in most supported middlewares/frameworks).

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