Re: Looking for users with user cases for HTTP/2

Carlo Alberto Ferraris

great to hear things are starting to move.

  • Do you have workloads that currently leverage HTTP/2, or for which you would like to leverage H2?
  • What problem does HTTP/2 solve for you?
  • Are you using TCP routing to run apps on PAS that leverage H2?
  • If TCP Routing is not a viable solution, why?
gRPC support is one of the most commonly requested features even from our customers. Sure, they can use TCP routing but then they lose a whole lot of the gorouter out-of-the-box experience (path/hostname routing, logging, TLS termination, ...)
We haven't rolled out TCP routing yet precisely because we don't want to push users looking for H2 in the direction of having to reimplement the same functionalities over and over. This is something that the platform should definitely do on their behalf.

  • Do these apps require access to the certificate of the originating client (mutual auth), or is one-way TLS sufficient?
one-way would be sufficient in our case

  • Is HTTP/2 without TLS viable for any use cases?
Currently, we do TLS termination before the gorouter. I can think of a single reason we may want to move away from this approach, and that is if gorouter was *required* to terminate TLS (e.g. in case of user-provided TLS certificates we discussed in Basel)

I'm available for any further discussion, here or on slack.


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