Re: bosh cf-deploy on openstack

Johannes Hiemer <jvhiemer@...>

Russel could you show a list of enabled OpenStack Services? 

On Sat, 27 Jan 2018 at 11:44 Russell Blue via Lists.Cloudfoundry.Org <> wrote:

We have installed bosh director on openstack. When we execute the "Bosh cf deploy" command, about 16 VM successfully create only 12 cases and give the following errors for 4 VM.

 scheduler, router, tcp-router, smoke-test

Error: CPI error 'Bosh::Clouds::CloudError' with message 'OpenStack API service not found error: Expected(200) <=> Actual(404 Not Found)
  :body          => "{\"NeutronError\": {\"message\": \"The resource could not be found.\", \"type\": \"HTTPNotFound\", \"detail\": \"\"}}"

please help me

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