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Ken Ojiri

Hi Eric,

I am very interested in this topic.
If I use Diego on hybrid(public+private) cloud environment, I will
surely use the feature.

Some '+placement-constraints' labeled tickets on Diego tracker have a
link to a proposal document (
), but I can not access it. (GitHub says 404...)
Could you let us see it?


Ken Ojiri <ozzozz(a)>
Mitaka, Tokyo Japan

On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 5:25 AM, Eric Malm <emalm(a)> wrote:
Hi, Josh,

You're probably remembering some discussion about the 'placement pools' or
'placement constraints' feature. We haven't implemented any of that
functionality yet in Diego, but we do have a series of stories in the Diego
tracker ( with the
'+placement-constraints' label that represents the currently planned work on
that track. As we complete the necessary work to get Diego to be ready for
production use, we do expect it to be among the first of the new features we
start work on.

Eric, CF Runtime Diego PM

On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 9:04 AM, Josh Ghiloni <jghiloni(a)> wrote:

Hi All,

One of the features of Diego I heard about a while ago, when I first heard
about Diego, was the ability to restrict an application’s placement to
certain availability zones / cells / etc. I’ve been looking around for
documentation on this — specifically, if it’s in Diego already and if not, a
roadmap, but I’m coming up short. Can anyone here point me to some
documentation on this feature? Our client is quite interested in it. Thanks!

Josh Ghiloni
Senior Consultant
303.932.2202 o | 303.590.5427 m | 303.565.2794 f

ECS Team
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