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Gwenn Etourneau

Or just DIY... cloudcontroller are pretty well documented.

On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 4:01 PM, Noburou TANIGUCHI <dev(a)> wrote:

Thank you Alex, and everyone.

I'd like to summarize the current status:

- 1) Language-independent
-- 1a) Use `cf curl` as external command ( )
-- 1b) Use CF cli RPC server like cli plugins do ( )

- 2) Language-dependent
-- 2a) Golang (official): cli:
-- 2b) Java (official): cf-java-client:
-- 2c) .Net (incubator): cf-dotnet-sdk:
-- 2d) Golang (community): go-cfclient:
-- 2e) Ruby (attic - outdated?): cfoundry: (*1)
-- 2f) Node.js (attic -outdated?): vcap-node: (*2)

(*1) There are some personal? forks such as
(*2) I've found recently

If there is another one, please let me know.

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