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Congrats SUSE team!

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Subject: [cf-dev] Welcome stratos-ui to CF-Extensions
Hi, all,

I know end of year is upon us and many are on vacation. However, brief final announcement to welcome Stratos-UI to the CF-Extensions PMC.

If you did not see the demo at the CAB call a few weeks back or have not played with it, it’s a complete UI for CF that you can customize and skin to your liking. It also works with any number of CF environments. Check it out. Really cool! 

Over the next weeks (mainly next year) we will be working with the SUSE team to move code to cloudfoundry-incubator and provide updates in the monthly PMC calls.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the SUSE team (particularly Neil and Cornelius) for driving this submissions and thanks to all who provided feedback.

Wishing you again a happy holidays. Talk to you in January. Best,


ibm cloud labs 
sillicon valley, ca

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