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James Bayer

thanks for your post as i have not heard for OpenSAF previously.

i helped create the presentation [1] i believe you're referencing. i have
been working in this platform space for quite awhile (coming up on 4 years
on cloud foundry and i have been in the java app server space virtually my
entire career). max and i's goal in the presentation was to compare the
platforms that come up often as we talk to community members and customers,
and we just picked the top several that could fit into 1/2 hr talk :)

we have not yet done another comparison recently, but there is interest in
a newer version of that type of content. i did not find the opensaf sites
too helpful on understanding how OpenSAF fits in and compares with other
offerings in the space. e.g. is it complimentary to something like cloud
foundry or an alternative, etc.


On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 4:32 PM, Sashan Govender <sashang(a)> wrote:


I had a look at the 2014 presentation here:

In it they compared 6 platforms however OpenSAF was not one of them. I am
wondering where people creating these PaaS systems see OpenSAF fitting in
and what the regions of overlap. There seems to be a significant amount of
overlap in terms of functionality, for example, the ability to install,
upgrade and remove an application on set of nodes, a distributed
configuration database and monitoring of applications. Is there any reason
why OpenSAF is not considered for comparison when it provides some of the
features required for a PaaS system? Is it missing something fundametal to
PaaS? Is it too awkward to admin or use? Is it not very well known?

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