Re: Designing a new routing tier for Cloud Foundry

Dr Nic Williams <drnicwilliams@...>

I’m disappointed that “app to service instance” continues to be “out of scope” for routing. It was out of scope for the TCP routing project a few years ago.

Getting a sidecar into cf apps that can be used to route traffic to service instances - allowing them to evolve/failover/change their credentials - seems to be a huge missing feature for the last five years. A lifetime static credential for each service binding baked into VCAP_SERVICES has been a known problem since I first started using CF v1 in 2012.

When I saw the intro talks for Itsio/Envoy at CF Summit Basel my first question was about “app to service instances”.

I would love to start supporting dynamic bindings (hostnames/ports & credentials) for the lifespan of service instances. CF makes it very hard. Can we please add “app to service instances” to the scope? Or better, make it the primary scope?

Dr Nic

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