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Anand Gaitonde

Howdy All,

On November 20th, the CF CLI released v6.33.0 containing a big feature the team has been working on since June; a full rewrite of the push command. But even after 150+ commits (for the push command alone), we're still not done. Given the complex usage of push, we want to make sure the rewrite does not interfere with anyone's current workflow. This is why instead of replacing the current version of push with the rewritten version, we've decided to release it as a separate command known as v2-push for a short period of time. Here's a little taste of what you get with the new version:
Inline image 1
Not only do you get a spiffy new diff at the top of your push, but you also get a significant speed improvement. For more information about the v2-push command, see the release notes linked at the top of the email. 

We intend on replacing the current version of push with v2-push before the end of the year, so please give v2-push a try as soon as you can! If you run into anything that seems buggy or very unexpected, do not hesitate to file a GitHub issue. If you have any additional feedback, feel free to reach out on the #cli slack channel.

As an additional reminder, the CF CLI team is also looking for app manifest usage feedback. If you can spare a few minutes, please fill out this survey.
Anand Gaitonde
Cloud Foundry Engineer

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