Re: Application Metric Forwarding and Developer Segmented Firehose

Adam Hevenor

Bret - 

Thanks for inquiring. I try to keep the following github project board up to date with status of proposals and work in progress. Regarding these particular proposals we are making progress on these problems but have taken a slightly different course for egress thus far. Specifically we have been leveraging the work we did for cf-syslog-drain-release (formerly known as scalable syslog). A revised proposal for this approach is available here.  

If you are specifically looking to allow app developers to send and receive custom app metrics we are actually very close to having a full open source path available for that (again through syslog-drains) and the help of the metrics-forwarder service that Pivotal is open sourcing. I'll be sure to post to the list again when all these components are available and we'll provide some experimental ops files to make it simple to deploy.


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