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Lee Porte


I would agree with Mike's approach. It was the same though I had when I saw the survey form.



On 20 November 2017 at 21:46, Mike Youngstrom <youngm@...> wrote:
I responded to the survey but wanted to bring up an option not presented.  Why not just support every Ubuntu LTS until it is EOLed matching Ubuntu policy?  Is it significantly harder to continually support 2-3 concurrent rootFSes than 1-2?

As a CF operator I imagine I'd switch the default stack 2 years after a new LTS is released and give users 2-3 years to switch.  Meanwhile they can choose any LTS they may need to use in case they have a specific requirement.



On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 11:56 AM, Stephen Levine <slevine@...> wrote:
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Ubuntu version for next app rootfs
Hi All,

Ubuntu Trusty, which is used as the base OS-layer for the current cflinuxfs2 rootfs, will reach end-of-life in April 2019[1]. This means that all Linux-based CF apps must be restaged against a newer rootfs by April 2019 to continue receiving security updates.

The CF Buildpacks team plans to have a new rootfs available by April 2018, along with new buildpack releases that are compatible with this rootfs. This will give CF users a full year to restage all of their apps with the new rootfs.

Our proposed plan is to use Ubuntu 18.04 for the new rootfs, skipping 16.04. We would like to make this the official policy, so that subsequent releases would be 22.04, 26.04, and so on. This results in a mandatory upgrade every 4 years instead of every 2 years. We would release versions of cflinuxfs2 (14.04) and cflinuxfs3 (18.04) together for a full year of overlap. We would also release two versions of each official buildpack for a full year of overlap as well.

We greatly appreciate your feedback on this proposed plan, as it affects every user of Cloud Foundry.

There will be a follow-up survey on the selection of packages used for cflinuxfs3 depending on the results of this survey.


CF Buildpacks Lead
    What version of Ubuntu should be used as the base OS-layer for the next official Linux rootfs ("cflinuxfs3")? *
    • Ubuntu 18.04 (must restage all apps every 4 years)
    • Ubuntu 16.04 (must restage all apps every 2 years)
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