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Vlad Iovanov

There’s also a .NET SDK: (available on as well).


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Most simple is to call the Cloudcontroller API....
like we do here

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We're currently planning to write a Web dashboard for a Cloud Foundry

Our old dashboard uses cfoundry
<> , but it is now outdated
and abandoned.

So I want to know how do other people create their Web dashboard for the
latest Cloud Foundry environment.

I think there are a few options right now:

(A) Use " cf <> curl" as an external
(B) Write a dashboard in Golang using cf cli
<> as a library
(C) Use cf cli <> RPC server like cli
plug-ins do
(D) Write a dashboard in Java on the top of cf-java-client
<> library

Please let me know which option you are using, or any other way to build a
dashboard, if you are able to disclose it.

Thanks in advance.

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