Re: CF client library

Gwenn Etourneau

Yes you can find the version based on the cf-release version here

For the pro/cons I don t really know, I just contributed to the go-cfclient
so I don't really know the "official" client.

Depends on your needs..

Btw are you based in Japan ?
I am in Japan :)

On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 4:56 PM, Noburou TANIGUCHI <dev(a)> wrote:

Thanks for your quick reply, Gwenn.
I haven't known .
I'm glad to know a new CF client library. It seems very easy to use.

Besides studying it by myself, I want to ask some questions about it.

* What's the difference (pros / cons) between the official cli and
* How can I know how up-to-date it is with the latest Cloud Controller API?

(It might be better to ask these questions as the repo's issue...)

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