Loggregator V2 API is GA for Ingress

Adam Hevenor

As a follow up to my talk at CF summit EU and successful integration with Diego the Loggregator team is officially declaring the Loggregator V2 API [1] Generally Available for Ingress into Loggregator. If you are developing in go-lang you can use the go-loggregator client[2] instead of dropsonde to emit metrics into Loggregator. We have not yet set a deprecation schedule for Dropsonde but eventually we envision all metrics to use the new API.

In addition to being more reliable and secure thanks to gRPC we are introducing two new experimental features we’d like to gather further community feedback on. The first is a new envelope type for events. While, from a definition standpoint the event is very similar in structure as a log we believe allowing for asynchronous transmission through Loggregator is inline with community and partner developed monitoring tools use of similar events concept.

At this time, the event envelope and egress of the V2 API is still experimental but in use by the Loggregator team. We are in the process of developing a simple reference nozzle[3] that consumes the V2 API using a new selector based subscription model [4].

The second experimental feature built on the new API is the ability to get container metrics through a syslog drain using the cf-syslog-drain release with cf-deployment. Details of this feature are available in the cf-syslog-drain-release README[5].

If you want to know more about the plan for the V2 API, be sure to check out the second half of my talk at CF Summit[6] and our Project Page [7] on github.



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