Re: CF Lattice support for private registries (Artifactory Docker registry).

Gwenn Etourneau

No is not related, so you private registry have no user or password ?

On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 2:21 PM, dharmi <dharmi(a)> wrote:

I was running the application over VPN and dns was indeed the rootcause.
Thanks for pointing.

This is the error I see when I try to create an app from a Docker image
hosted on Artifactory from Lattice CLI. Artifactory logs indicate that I
not authenticated when submitting the below request, even with .dockercfg

$ ltc create myapp
*Error fetching image metadata: HTTP code: 403*

The same works fine when I run *docker pull*.
Searching a bit, I found this issue
<> , not sure
its related.

Thanks in advance.

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