Re: JSON Data in User Provided Service Credential

Zach Robinson

Hey Jon,

You should be safe to continue working the way you are. The API that is
used under the hood is here
It is a hash of string key to string val. If you want that val string to
be encoded in any way, the api doesn't care and will happily pass it along
to the container.

CAPI Project Lead

On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 10:22 AM Jon Martin <martindesignonline(a)>

Thanks Dan and Matt. Sounds like "it works" but "it's unsupported in the
Apps Manager UI".

Two thoughts come to mind.
1. It might make sense to provide the ability to create a JSON schema for
UPS instances. Then the Apps Manager UI could provide the corresponding
fields even for UPS's.
2. At my company we needed to lock down UI and CLI for developers and
instead supplement with CI+CD processes (governance, etc.).

Given these two points, would we be safe to continue using JSON strings
for credential values?

If not, would this be the only alternative?
cf cups a-service -p

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