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Dieu Cao <dcao@...>

Hey Mao,

I'd suggest the first approach with the cf CLI plugin as being the simplest
thing to experiment/start with.
Also, perhaps the multi-buildpack proposal might be worth looking into as


On Thu, Oct 19, 2017 at 1:14 AM, Mao, Yi <yi.mao(a)> wrote:

Dear Experts,

This is Mao Yi from Siemens CT China. And now our team has some
requirements to do some customizations to the ”CF push” process. The idea
is the application is still be deployment by CF CLI, but we want to do some
validation(by validate the MD5 of the binary file or signature) before
being deployed to Diego cell. We have thought different approaches to

Approach 1: by implement a customized CF CLI plugin and implement the
validation logic in the plugin, the disadvantages is we need to use another
syntax to do the validated push other than “CF push”

Approach 2: We plans to develop an interceptor before calling CF API, the
interceptor will listen to events to indicate some milestones of the push
process such as the app files has been stored completely in Blobstore. But
the question is that we do not know whether this kind of interceptor is
reasonable. Whether Cloud Foundry exposes the events we need?

Approach 3: I am not sure whether the CF API calls go through some
proxy/gateway or not, Is it possible to implement it by customizing the

Approach 4: We are not sure whether there are some other way to implement
our requirement. Please give us some suggestions about other options.

Many thanks!


Mao Yi

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