Re: Is there a way to extract config parameters for a service?

Matt McNeeney

Hey Ankit,

This isn’t possible right now, but is actively being worked on by be Open
Service Broker API community:

We are hoping to integrate this feature into the specification soon, at
which point service brokers can start exposing the new GET endpoints, and
then Cloud Foundry can expose this through the Cloud Controller API. Stay


On Fri, 20 Oct 2017 at 14:14, Ankit Chaudhari <ankitjc(a)> wrote:

In the process of deployment - I want to delete an app, delete all
services binded to it. And then recreate an app, recreate all services and
bind them back.

From the list of apis, I figured I can get list of binded services for
apps (

I am searching if there is a way to get the configuration parameters that
were passed when creating the service.
for eg. I have a config server, initiated with git, it has params like -c
"{'git':{...}}". Any way to get this info?

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