Re: CF CLI History Rewrite

Anand Gaitonde

If people need access to the old commits, we made a backup in the attic:

On Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 8:54 AM, Anand Gaitonde <agaitonde(a)> wrote:

Howdy All,

Late yesterday afternoon (PST), the CF CLI team committed changes to the cloudfoundry/cli
GitHub repository <> that rewrote all
of history.

Why was this done? To reduce the CF CLI repository size. Before the
change, *the repository was around 300MB, after the change, it is just
under 90MB*. What's the lesson? Don't commit binary files to a git
repository. For more information: https://www.

The primary goal of this rewrite was to remove a series of binary files
that had been committed for internationalization. With the help of IBM,
we've made efforts to extract the internationalization code into it's own
repository, allowing the CLI team to link these repositories during compile

While this should have no noticeable effect on the users, anyone who was
linking/submoduling the CF CLI repository may have issues since the history
has been changed.

The CLI Team apologizes for the disruption this might have caused!

Anand Gaitonde
Cloud Foundry Engineer
Anand Gaitonde
Cloud Foundry Engineer

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