Re: Open Service Broker API v2.13

Matt McNeeney

Hey Mike,

CC fully supports v2.13 as of now, and that change should be in a CF
release very soon!


On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 4:16 PM Mike Youngstrom <youngm(a)> wrote:

Thanks Matt. These are some great updates. I assume the CC will need to
be updated to support this version of the spec? Has that work started?


On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 3:49 AM, Matt McNeeney <mmcneeney(a)>

Hello all,

*A new version of the Open Service Broker API - v2.13 - has just been

This version includes a number of new features that service brokers on
Cloud Foundry can leverage, including:

- Added a schemas
to services in the catalog that brokers can use to declare the
configuration parameters their service accepts for creating a service
instance, updating a service instance and creating a service binding.
- Added a context
<> field
to the request body for creating a service binding.
- Allow non-BasicAuth authentication mechanisms
- Added a Getting Started
<> page
including sample service brokers.
- Add originating identity HTTP header

For more information, please check out the specification
and release notes
A blog post has been published as part of this release which you can find

Any community feedback on this release from either service broker authors
or platform authors would be greatly appreciated.


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