Re: CF Lattice support for private registries (Artifactory Docker registry).

Gwenn Etourneau

Maybe dns issue inside the vagrant box .. you should use your dns inside
the box I guess.

On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 4:28 PM, Dharmi <dharmi(a)> wrote:


This is a question related to CF Lattice issue to pull Docker image from
private Artifactory Docker registry. 'posting on CF-Dev assuming that this
could be a generic CF issue to connect to private repos. pls suggest if

Please find the configuration:

Mac OSX 10.10.4
cf version 6.11.3
vbox 4.3.28r100309
Vagrant 1.7.2
Lattice from github master branch
ltc version v0.2.5
Artifactory Pro Power Pack 3.5.2

While pulling images from Docker Hub is working fine, images from my local
Artifactory Docker registry throws the below error.

* v1 ping attempt failed with error: Get
<>: dial tcp:
lookup <>: no
such host. HTTP attempt: unable to ping registry endpoint
I tried setting up .dockercfg file with valid entries, but still in vain.
The same works fine if I perform a 'Docker pull' from Artifactory.
Any pointers would be helpful.


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