CF CLI v6.30.0 Released Today - CF Networking commands

Koper, Dies <diesk@...>

The CF CLI team cut 6.30.0 today.
Deb, yum and Homebrew repos have been updated; binaries, installers and link to release notes are available at:
Container networking commands

This cf CLI release exposes the Container Networking feature of allowing direct network traffic between apps, bypassing the router.

This enables apps to be connected to by other apps without being routable from the Internet.

This functionality has been available with the network-policy CLI plugin and is now part of the cf CLI with the following commands:

cf add-network-policy SOURCE_APP --destination-app DESTINATION_APP [(--protocol (tcp | udp) --port RANGE)]

cf network-policies [--source SOURCE_APP]

cf remove-network-policy SOURCE_APP --destination-app DESTINATION_APP --protocol (tcp | udp) --port RANGE

The new commands require Network Policy API V1, which was introduced in cf-deployment v0.21.0 and as an optional deploy in CF release v271 (CC API v3.29.0) or higher.
Refer to the documentation<> for details.

New & updated community plugins

* started-apps<> v0.1.0 - Easily view which apps are started
Check it out!

Dies Koper
Cloud Foundry Product Manager - CLI

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