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cc/ Dr Max, since I think this would be really cool to have as a demo on
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Dear All,

SAP Cloud Platform team proudly announces the Open Source release of
Service Fabrik (SF) and related projects.

*What is Service Fabrik?*

Service Fabrik is Cloud Foundry broker envisioned as one-stop for
provisioning & management of enterprise grade backing services (for example
PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis) for enterprise grade Cloud Foundry
applications. It supports provisioning of developer only services using
Docker Swarm and production grade services via BOSH release.

*Hmm, What else?*

Well, it enables provisioning of highly available and scalable services on
a multi-cloud infrastructure with ease and speed. Effortlessly monitor,
upgrade services with patches, security updates and backup or restore
mission critical data in a periodic automated way are some of its key

*Ohh really, anyone using it?*

We already have hundreds of BOSH based & thousands of Containers based
service deployments running in production which uses Service Fabrik. We
recently announced the General Availability
of backing services, managed by Service Fabrik, on SAP Cloud Platform.

*That seems promising where can I get all of it?*

Service Fabrik code can be found here
<>. Details on related GitHub
repositories below

[1] service-fabrik-boshrelease
<> - BOSH release to
deploy Service Fabrik

[2] service-fabrik-lvm-volume-driver
<> - Logical
volume driver for Docker based service

[3] service-fabrik-blueprint-service
<> - Test service
to try out Service Fabrik

[4] service-fabrik-blueprint-app
<> - Test app to try
out blueprint service

[5] service-fabrik-blueprint-boshrelease
<> – BOSH
release for blueprint service

[6] service-fabrik-backup-restore
<> – Library for
backup & restore of service instances.

Some resources which will provide more insight on Service Fabrik are as

[1] Service-Fabrik @ Silicon Valley Summit

[2] Service Fabrik goes Open Source

*And We Propose to Incubate! *

We have made the proposal to include Service Fabrik as Cloud Foundry
incubation project, details here

*That sounds awesome, but who rescues me?*

Our team is just one click away, feel free to post an issue
<> and we will
help you at the earliest.

*What Else?*

Thanks from the SAP Cloud Platform & See you soon.
Chip Childers
CTO, Cloud Foundry Foundation

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