CF CLI v6.29.1 Released Today

Koper, Dies <diesk@...>

The CF CLI team cut 6.29.1 today.
Deb, yum and Homebrew repos have been updated; binaries, installers and link to release notes are available at:

Corrupted config.json

There have been reports of the local config.json file getting corrupted, or truncated to 0 bytes. When this happens, most commands fail with an "Error read/writing config: unexpected end of JSON input" message, and deleting the file was the only remedy.
This release includes various improvements to reduce the chance of this file becoming corrupted.
The cf CLI uses this file to persist settings (see e.g. cf config), the targeted API endpoint, org and space, etc. (#1071<>, #1199<>)

Fixed regressions

* Refactored api did not sanitize the API endpoint url, causing cf auth to fail since cf CLI 6.23.0 when the specified endpoint URL had a trailing slash. (#1186<>)
* Refactored auth used the UAA token endpoint instead of the login server authorization endpoint, causing authentication to fail since cf CLI v6.27.0 on CF targets with a login server not collocated with the UAA server. (#1192<>)

Refactored commands

We are in the process of creating a more consistent user experience; our goal is to standardize UI output.
For example, warnings and errors will consistently be outputted to stderr instead of stdout and English table and key-value headers displayed in lowercase.
As we iterate through the list of commands, we are also focusing on improving performance and stability.
Please review your scripts if they depend on the output of these commands.

List of improved commands in this release:

* oauth-token
* ssh-code

Updated commands

* set-space-role now displays a usage error message with the right argument names when insufficient arguments are provided.

New & updated community plugins

* java-plugin v1.1.0:
* top v0.8.8:
* cf-aklogin v1.2.9:
* Diego-Enabler v1.2.4:

Dies Koper
Cloud Foundry Product Manager - CLI

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