Re: Support for HTTP/2

Daniel Mikusa

You're correct. You cannot use HTTP routes with HTTP/2. At the moment, if
you want to use HTTP/2 you could do so by using a TCP route. Apps that
have TCP routes bound to them receive the TCP traffic directly and so you
can do things like HTTP/2.


On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 5:40 AM, Lucas Reginato <lucas.reginato(a)>


I was reading some blogs and email threads about pivotal cloud foundry and

And my understanding is that currently pcf does not support http2.
Also the Gorouter, used as the router layer in pcf does not support http2.

If possible, can you share the current status of this work in pcf or
anything aobut this with the community?

Thanks a lot.

-Lucas Reginato

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