Re: Any simple stub file of cloud foundry deployment on openstack

David McClure

Is this for production or testing?

If its for testing, definitely check out cf-deployment
<> which uses new features of
bosh to generate certs and keys for you automatically.

If its for production, keep an eye on this table

I'm not sure what the most straightforward thing to do is with cf-release
these days. I know many releases maintained their own scripts to generate
certs and keys, so that's one option. Another would be to use
cf-deployment with bosh interpolate to generate all the certs, keys and
passwords, and then copy those into the necessary slots in the cf-release
stubs or manifests.

On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 6:46 AM, Arpit Sharma <arpitvipulsharma(a)>

Dear Team,

I am planning to deploy cloudfoundry on openstack. I have deployed bosh on
openstack. But Stub manifest file asking for lot of certs and keys. Any
simple stub file? so atleast i can just check how cloudfoundry works.

Thanks & Regards:

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