Removing Diego cell asset-cache path configurability

Eric Malm <emalm@...>

Hi, all,

The Diego team is planning to remove a minor piece of configurability in
diego-release, but wanted first to verify that it will have no substantial
impact to operators. *If you have never configured the
diego.executor.cache_path property for your Diego cells, feel free to stop
reading now.*

This property controls the location of the cache of downloaded assets
(primarily buildpacks and droplets) on the Diego cells. We intend to change
its location to a fixed subdirectory of /var/vcap/data/rep as part of
consolidating the Diego rep job's working directory structure on a
BOSH-deployed VM in,
but we realized that it does happen to be configurable via the above BOSH

As we understand it, any significant change to this value (say, moving it
to another mounted volume) never even worked at all: the cell uses
rename(2) to move files between this directory and other directories
hard-coded to be on the BOSH ephemeral disk, and rename does not work
across volumes. In any case, if having this value always be hard-coded in
your CF or Diego deployments will be a problem, please let me know why.

Eric, CF Diego PM

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