Re: Issues on Diego Deployment on Openstack

Eric Malm <emalm@...>

Hi, Mohamed,

Thanks for reporting the problems you've encountered. As Gwenn pointed out,
this has already been reported on GitHub in, and is
likely a version mismatch between cf-release and the consul service
properties generated in the diego-release deployment manifest. We track the
compatible versions of cf-release and diego-release that pass through our
testing pipelines in the repo.
There's unfortunately not a lot of explanation in the README there at the
moment, but the Diego team has a story coming up soon ( to provide more
documentation about how to interpret those records.

For now, I recommend the following process to deploy compatible releases:

- If you are deploying a recent final release of CF, the release notes ( for that version will
contain a link to a compatible final version (0.N.0 for some number N) of
diego-release. You can then check out the git tag 0.N.0, upload the release
YAML file to your BOSH director, and generate your diego deployment
manifest. Make sure to have both the new CF and Diego releases uploaded
before deploying Diego, as the Diego deployment co-locates some jobs from
cf-release (consul-agent, metron-agent) on its VMs.

- If you are deploying a recent development version of CF, search for the
first 8 characters of its commit SHA in the CF_RELEASE_COMMIT_SHA column of
(GitHub conveniently lets you filter for those records via the search bar
at the top of the displayed CSV.) If there is a 'release_candidate' record,
check out and deploy the final version of diego-release listed in the
DIEGO_RELEASE_VERSION column as described above. If there is only a
'development' record for that cf-release SHA, you can check out the
diego-release SHA from the DIEGO_RELEASE_COMMIT_SHA column, generate a dev
release from that, and upload and deploy that to your BOSH. Please note
that those release combinations may not be as stable, though.

- If you are deploying from the tip of diego-release's develop branch,
which you should typically be doing only when doing development on Diego,
you likely want to deploy either the runtime-passed or develop branches of
cf-release, although there are no guarantees about the stability or
compatibility of the releases on those 'edge' branches.

It's important to note that in general the master branch of cf-release and
the master branch of diego-release are not guaranteed to be compatible, as
the Diego team creates minor final versions on a much faster cadence than
cf-release creates its major versions.

We're not currently publishing example manifests for specific
infrastructures, although we would like to as we expand the Diego testing
pipelines to more infrastructures and as we publish more about the
AWS-based environments we currently use in our pipeline.

Eric, CF Runtime Diego PM

On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 7:09 PM, Gwenn Etourneau <getourneau(a)>

Missing of documentation really ?

There is a lot of documentation about Diego

Btw if you look at the issue, your problem is already there and fix

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 6:39 AM, Mohamed Mohamed <
mohamed.mohamed(a)> wrote:


We are trying to deploy Diego on Openstack (using microbosh), since there
is no clear documentation on doing that we are having several problems.
The manifest that we are using is attached.

The error message that we are seeing for bosh deploy is:


Started preparing configuration > Binding configuration. Failed: Error filling in template `' for `database_z1/0' (line 34: undefined method `tr' for ["bbs", {}]:Array) (00:00:00)

Error 100: Error filling in template `' for `database_z1/0' (line 34: undefined method `tr' for ["bbs", {}]:Array)

When we commented the bbs properties for database_z1

We had this error message:


Started preparing configuration > Binding configuration. Failed: Error filling in template `rep_ctl.erb' for `cell_z1/0' (line 70: Can't find property `["diego.rep.bbs.api_url"]') (00:00:01)

Error 100: Error filling in template `rep_ctl.erb' for `cell_z1/0' (line 70: Can't find property `["diego.rep.bbs.api_url"]')

Did anybody succeed to deploy diego on openstack? If yes, is it possible
to share the used manifest with the group because many people are having
same issues?

Any suggestion is welcome!

Thanks and regards,

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