IMPORTANT: issue with cf-release 213

Dieu Cao <dcao@...>

Hi All,

cf-release 213 was committed to the master branch, but has some issues
during deploy and should be avoided.
There is a backwards incompatible ccdb migration that will cause cloud
controller's running older code against the new schema to have downtime.
This issue resolves itself once all cloud controller's have rolled onto the
new code. It does not affect running apps.
if you have already moved to 213, then it is stable during operation and it
is ok to stay at that version and continue as usual.

We are reverting the commit that adds the final release yml file, so it is
not easily available for consumption, however the code on master should not
be considered stable for zero downtime deploys and tag v212 should be used.

We are looking into creating a 214 that will not have any issues when
upgrading from 212 or earlier->214.


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