Re: [Proposal] Sharing service instances across orgs and spaces

Christian Brinker

Hi Daniel,

I think that is the right point. The fact that the Service Broker API will
divert from the Cloud Controller more and more in future due to the Open
Service Broker API project. This will introduce more need of flexibility to
manage the more different kinds of service brokers. So preparing this axis
of change seems more than useful.


On Mon, 3 Jul 2017 at 15:55 Daniel Jones <daniel.jones(a)>

Hi all,

Going from "the simplest thing that works" to "architecting for something
that will allow future flexibility": would it be possible to consider
breaking the service-wrangling functionality out of the Cloud Controller,
and into a separate component that the CC delegates to (Service Controller)?

I think we all know that the Cloud Controller is Cloud Foundry's dirty
monolithic secret, and I dare say that there might be some agility benefits
to starting to break it apart.

Better than that though, if services were managed by a dedicated component
then it would be possible to have two Cloud Controller backed by the same
Service Controller. That way service instances could be shared between
*foundations*, which would be of significant value to enterprise
customers with foundations in different datacentres and data services than
cross DCs (eg Cassandra).

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On 3 July 2017 at 14:42, Jouke Waleson <jouke(a)> wrote:

I think this proposal makes sense for some services indeed. I'd also like
to permanently migrate services to another org/space. Could that be
included? Currently (for a database service instance) a complete database
backup/restore needs to be done, while with `cf migrate-service` only the
cloud foundry internal databases would need to be updated, as the service
instance itself does not contain any space/org specific config. This
heavily reduces complexity of performing migrations to another space or org.
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