Re: [buildpacks] CF-built binaries: release timeline and beta testing

Gwenn Etourneau

Nice Thanks !

On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 2:55 AM, Mike Dalessio <mdalessio(a)> wrote:

Hi all,

In the June CAB call, it was mentioned that the Buildpacks team was
working on generating CF-specific binaries to be packaged in the
buildpacks. I'm pleased to announce that the team is ready to start
shipping these binaries in the golang, nodejs, php, python, and ruby
buildpacks for the cflinuxfs2 stack.

*__We're planning to cut releases of these buildpacks with the CF*
*binaries on Monday, 20 July.__*

In the meantime, I'd like to ask the community to beta these buildpacks
and give us feedback.

We're successfully running [BRATs][1] (the buildpack runtime acceptance
tests) on these binaries, so we don't expect any issues; but we'd love to
hear if anyone experiences any issues deploying their apps.

Obviously, until we cut official releases, you should use judgement when
deciding where to use these beta buildpacks.


*## Timeline, Versioning and Proposed Changes*

Unless we hear of any blocking issues, we'll cut official releases of the
go, node, php, python and ruby buildpacks on July 20th.

When we cut these releases, we'll be bumping the major version number, and
removing the `manifest-including-unsupported.yml` file from the repository
HEAD. I'd love to hear anyone's opinion on these changes as well.

*## How to deploy with the "beta" binary buildpacks*

Until we cut official releases, we are maintaining a git branch in each
buildpack repository, named `cf-binary-beta`, in which the manifest points
at our CF-specific binaries.

If your CF deployment has access to the public internet, you can push your
app and specify the github repo and branch with the `-b` option.


`cf push <appname> -b`


`cf push <appname> -b`


`cf push <appname> -b`


`cf push <appname> -b`


`cf push <appname> -b`

If your CF deployment doesn't have access to the public internet and you'd
like to try these buildpacks, please reach out directly and we'll figure
out the best way to accommodate.

*## Tooling Details*

If you'd like to take a look at how we're currently building these
binaries, our tooling is open-sourced at:
Note that `binary-builder` uses the rootfs docker image to compile each
binary, which means that this tool can easily be extended to essentially
cross-compile **any** binary for a CF rootfs. We'd love to hear your
feedback on this, as well.


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