Re: Proposal: Plan to Deprecate cf-release

Benjamin Gandon

Super cool to get to know this new “cf-deployment-transition” repo!

But about cf-deployment in production, is it still blocked on “Downtime testing” as the README states? Or has there been progress on that without it being reflected in that README?

If it is still a blocker, could you give us insights about what is actually blocking, and any link to a tracker story so that we can watch progress about that?

/Benjamin (depuis mon iPhone)

Bien cordialement,
/Benjamin Gandon (depuis mon iPhone)

Le 23 juin 2017 à 01:55, David Sabeti <dsabeti(a)> a écrit :

Hi cf-dev,

As cf-deployment moves closer to general availability (GA), we want to propose a schedule for deprecating cf-release and helping operators move from deployments based on cf-release to deployments based on cf-deployment. Please take a look at the proposal included here:

We're hoping to finalize a plan by July 3rd, so please leave any feedback on the document by then.

David Sabeti
Project Lead, CF Release Integration

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