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Congrats to the Container Networking team! Awesome work!

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Hello everyone,

It gives me great pleasure to share that cf-networking-release
<> 1.0
is now available! Congratulations to the CF networking team for their hard
work to make this a reality and thank you to the other CF teams that
supported us - Diego, Garden, CAPI and Release Integration to name a few.

Operators and App Developers can use the CF networking features to:


Enable direct container to container communication

Configure granular application level policies

Policies are applied dynamically without requiring app restarts

To get a refresher on the architecture and capabilities, visit our introductory
blog post

There are a few changes from our first release, including a new name and
the new Silk CNI plugin that was built to provide operators the guarantees
that they have come to expect from Cloud Foundry. If you are curious about
Silk, we created a document
that answers frequently asked questions..

We encourage you to give the new features a try and give us your
feedback in the Cloud Foundry #container-networking
Slack channel or through Github issues or features.


Usha Ramachandran

CF Container Networking PM
Usha Ramachandran | Senior Product Manager | Pivotal Cloud Foundry - San

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