Re: Want to Contribute to Cloud Foundry

Amit Kumar Gupta


We could always use more Amit Guptas :). We have a couple components of
Cloud Foundry which are Spring apps: UAA and CredHub. The CredHub project
also has a Golang CLI. The main CF CLI itself is also written in Go. I'm
not familiar with details of these projects' roadmaps and what
opportunities they offer to contribute, but I recommend reaching out to


- UAA:
- CredHub:

GitHub issues:

- UAA:
- CredHub:

also Amit Gupta

On Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 11:51 PM, Amit Gupta <amitamit281(a)> wrote:

Hi All,

I am newbie in contributing in open source project so want to start
contributing in cloud foundry. Not sure if this is not the right forum to
ask this question. Sorry about that. Please feel free to redirect me to the
right direction.

Gone through
foundry-come-on-in/ but still not sure which CF module would be good to

I have 12+ years of exp in all latest java, spring technologies and front
end, certified CF and Cloud Native S/w Architect. familiar about CF
commands. and familiar about GO language. but don't know where to start.
Please help. Thanks in advance.

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