issue with CF UAA Oauth2 redirect URI

Beth Tran

1. I have registered this client to CF as followed
scope: openid
resource_ids: none
authorized_grant_types: refresh_token authorization_code
redirect_uri: http://localhost:8080
authorities: uaa.none
name: foo-client-id
lastmodified: 1487292160153
2. I have running CF
3. I have a running webapp at port80 with application.yml
clientId: foo-client-id
clientSecret: thesecret
tokenName: oauth_token
authenticationScheme: query
clientAuthenticationScheme: form
4. Test as followed
a. browser = localhost:8080
b. redirected to the Cloud Foundry's login screen
c. login with a valid CF account
d. the browser is redirected to
e. displayed message: Cloud Foundry...Where To?
5. What expected
I expect after logging in with the step 4c using a valid CF account, I should see the approval UI.
This does not happen.
I instead got the above redirect URI and the "Where To?" message
6. Anything missing with my configuration? Thanks for advise.

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