Re: Heap and thread dumps in CF

Mancioppi, Michele

Hi everyone,

The SAP Cloud Platform Performance Team open sourced a little a go a thingie you could use if you are apps are on Diego:

It is a CLI command line built on top of CF SSH that does heap and thread-dumps on demand. You could use it from a cron-job and automate your regular dumps.

Plus we have a Java agent almost ready to be OOS-ed that we’d like to integrate in the java-buildpack that allows to take heap dumps under certain conditions of memory usage (absolute and increase over time). More info on this very soon (


On 31.05.17, 04:48, "Josh Ghiloni" <jghiloni(a)> wrote:

if you have spring boot 1.4+ you can use the /heapdump actuator, and just get that on a regular basis…

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On 5/30/17, 8:45 PM, "Jay Allen" <jayallenmn(a)> wrote:

Hey guys,

We're wondering if there is anything built-in to CF to gather and safely store java dumps when an app crashes in the middle of the night and the dump files are long gone by the time anyone gets to the app as the health monitor has already restarted it. We're aware of dynatrace, appdynamics, etc but are wondering what can be done in CF or a buildpack. We found where it's discussed in depth but is there anything else available or in development?


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