Proposal: Remove nats_stream_forwarder from nats-release and cf-release

David Sabeti

Hi cf-dev,

If you've dug around in nats-release, you may have noticed the
nats_stream_forwarder[0]. It's a component that subscribes to the top-level
NATS channel ">", produces a log line, and forwards the logs to a syslog

We've noticed some confusion with regards to the component, as well as
feedback from production deployers that the logs are both verbose and
unhelpful. We followed up with CFF engineering teams and found that nobody
found the job useful.

So, we'd like to remove the nats_stream_forwarder from both nats-release
and cf-release. Before doing so, we want to make sure nobody would miss it
dearly if we got rid of it. If you are getting value from deploying
nats_stream_forwarder, please let us know how it helps.

David Sabeti
Project Lead, CF Release Integration


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