Re: Service brokered route services binding issues

Christian Brinker

Hi Sergio,

on first glance this looks, as you seems to be a problem of your catalog
definition because the cloud controller only checks the returned JSON and
the return messages/status codes of the service broker. No other sanity
checks are done.

So first I would start by setting bindable to "false" because it a route
service is not generally not able to bind to an app. It binds to a route.
The name of the property may seem to be a bit confusing here. The rest of
the definition seems to me correct. But maybe I missed something.

Then I would proceed with the Service Brokers endpoint return codes. Do you
log the messages send from/to the service broker from the cloud controller?

The route binding as user provided service does not use the service broker
api at all. So this does not interfere with your problem. But good to here
your service works.


On Tue, 23 May 2017 at 17:07 Sergio Rozenszajn <sergio.rozenszajn(a)>

I've created a service broker in Pivotal CF that generates service
instances that should be used as route services. According to the
documentation ( it is
only required to provide " requires: ["route_forwarding"] " in catalog
endpoint - route_service_url is optional.
This is my catalog response:
"services": [
"name": "approuter-service-i022338",
"requires": [
"id": "278cb0e4-2b3c-4851-b49a-c8cc3dc61f4f-i022338",
"description": "Applications Router Service",
"bindable": true,
"plans": [
"id": "0cbb410b-015a-417b-ae51-1337028d8e89-i022338",
"name": "default",
"description": "Applications Router Service Plan"
When trying to bind the route I get an error:
$ cf bind-route-service --hostname i022338-appRouterTest-ui
Binding route to service instance
approuter-appRouterTest-ui in org sergio-org / space development as
Server error, status code: 400, error code: 130006, message: This service
does not support route binding.

Remark: route binding of user provided services work fine.

Can you assist?

Thanks, Sergio
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