Service brokered route services binding issues

Rozenszajn, Sergio

I've created a service broker in Pivotal CF that generates service instances that should be used as route services. According to the documentation ( it is only required to provide " requires: ["route_forwarding"] " in catalog endpoint - route_service_url is optional.
This is my catalog response:
"services": [
"name": "approuter-service-i022338",
"requires": [
"id": "278cb0e4-2b3c-4851-b49a-c8cc3dc61f4f-i022338",
"description": "Applications Router Service",
"bindable": true,
"plans": [
"id": "0cbb410b-015a-417b-ae51-1337028d8e89-i022338",
"name": "default",
"description": "Applications Router Service Plan"
When trying to bind the route I get an error:
$ cf bind-route-service --hostname i022338-appRouterTest-ui approuter-appRouterTest-ui
Binding route to service instance approuter-appRouterTest-ui in org sergio-org / space development as sergio.rozenszajn(a)
Server error, status code: 400, error code: 130006, message: This service does not support route binding.

Remark: route binding of user provided services work fine.

Can you assist?

Thanks, Sergio

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