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On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 2:54 AM, Greg Oehmen <goehmen(a)> wrote:

The CF CLI team released version 6.12.1 on 7/6/2015. Release notes,
download instructions and binaries are available at:

Highlights of this release include:

Plugin API -

Full Support for Service keys / Async Service Operations -

Full Support for Arbitrary Parameters for Service Instance Provisioning -

General UX Refinements


Allow `cf app` to display buildpack

Add Buildpack to `cf create-app-manifest`

Added support for “--no-hostname” attribute in `cf
create-app-manifest` command

Removed ‘as admin’.. clause from create-user since it is confusing

Added fields to CLI MSI installer to show app/publisher name in windows

Removed Windows incompatible language test

Enabled full word ‘yes’ for confirmation when lang is not en_US

Enabled file reference containing JSON when creating a service instance

Support for godeps newest noaa package - new noaa.Close() method

Support for loggregator/Noaa endpoint Changes

Fixed bug: CLI upload fails at 2nd push with `EmptyDirError`

Fixed bug: index out of range panic when getting stats for Diego app
while Diego stats endpoint is down

Fixed bug: do not create zip when no file to upload during cf push

Fixed bug: cf start uses old loggregator to tail logs, instead of noaa

Improvements to text output/error messaging


Fixed `cf push -p` help verbiage

Improved restage tip to include name of app

Rewrote cf update-service help text error to be more descriptive

Highlighted restage command in uups tip

Updated tip for updating UPSIs - UPSIs now propagate their credentials
on update, so no need to unbind and rebind them.

Added error handling for when diego /instances is up but /noaa is

Pull Requests

#470 <> - Fix flaky test for
go 1.4 where map iteration order is randomized.

#366 <> -Fixed error message
when there is a mismatch in the order of arguments for create-buildpack

Additions to the CF-Community Plugin Repo:

cf-download - v1.0.0 Plugin for downloading your application contents
after staging

Scaleover - v.0.1.0 Roll traffic from one app to another by
scaling over time

Diego-SSH - v.0.1.2 Access Diego containers with SSH

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