Re: Inconsistency in retrieval of service plans

Benjamin Gandon

Did you look at the doc on about any ordering contract for those API calls?

Le 5 mai 2017 à 12:16, Roopali Sharma <roopali1193(a)> a écrit :

Hello All,

While listing service plans for any given service , if we use /v2/service_plans?q=<service_guid> , the plans appear in the same order as defined in the service catalog. However, call to /v2/services/<service_guid>?inline-relations-depth=1 returns the service plans in some random ordering which does not respect the order of catalog. The ordering however does not change with every call and also does not seem to take into account unique plan_id or the plan_name itself. Hence , it is unclear as to what sorting paradigm is in use.

Can someone comment if this is a bug with controller API or if not, some clarity regarding the ranking order.

With regards,

Roopali Sharma

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