Re: Concourse-Up: Deploy Concourse CI in a Single Command

Tim Lawrence <tim.lawrence1984@...>

on the beach or on the bench?

I find the glare on my screen difficult on the beach :-)

Good work!

On Thu, May 4, 2017 at 2:19 PM, Dan Young <dan.young(a)>

Hi all,

I guess there are a lot of Concourse CI users on this list, so I thought
I'd mention a new tool that some of the EngineerBetter team built while on
the beach. Concourse-Up will let you deploy a production-ready Concourse on
AWS for your team, *using just a single command *and without needing to
know anything about BOSH. It supports custom domains, SSL termination,
scaling workers, and idempotent upgrades.

Here is a blog post:

And the GitHub repo:
Hopefully this will be useful for teams setting up Concourse for new
projects, or new Concourse users who less than enthusiastic about needing
to learn BOSH.

Feedback, feature requests and bug reports are most welcome.

Dan Young - CEO
EngineerBetter Ltd <> - The UK Cloud Foundry
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+44 (0)7783 397092 <+447783397092>

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