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Hello all,

We love Justin Smith’s approach of “Rotate, Repair, Repave” [1] when it comes to security. Looking at how the “Rotate” aspect is handled in Cloud Foundry and other BOSH deployments today, we think there’s currently three classes of credentials:

1. Credentials that can be rotated by updating them and doing a `bosh deploy` with zero downtime

2. Credentials that can be rotated by updating them and doing a `bosh deploy` involving a downtime [2]

3. Credentials that cannot be rotated easily at all [3]

A couple of questions here:

· Is the above summary accurate?

· For updates involving a downtime, the only naïve solution I could come up with is to support two sets of credentials during the transition. Are there any more strategies?

· Are there any efforts to turn credentials falling under #2 and #3 into ones that can be updated without downtime?

· CredHub [4] seems to be geared in the direction of “repave”. Is this the case and does this maybe even support work on the previous bullet?

Thanks in advance,

[2] might be a good example
[3] might be a good example

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